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Tolland Bicentenial Parade

New! Tolland Bicentenial Parade DVD

Relive the memorable Tolland Bicentenial Parade from the road side vantage point of my nephew Mike and his sturdy tripod. No narration but you wouldn't hear it anyway. Lots of fun, again.
DVD, 2010, 22 Min. Non-fiction, for all ages.
$7.00 Postpaid

1938 Historic Photo

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New! 1938 Historic Photo

The 115 or so people in front of the church on the Tolland green posed in the heat of June 19, 1938 for this historic photo that features many famous faces in the towns history. Named on the back with a map are the 60 or so we know for certain. Several died in 2010 and 2011...and only three are still with us now...its a connection that took more than a decade to figure out and work continues.
8" x 10" photo, non-fiction, suitable for all ages.
$20.00 Postpaid

Along The Toto Trail; The History Of Tolland, Massachusetts

Along The Toto Trail; The History Of Tolland, Massachusetts

The only history of Tolland or account thereof, from a secular resident. Clarks 7th greatgrandfather, James Cornish, a sly Scotsman if there ever was… made the Indian Toto, a rusty flintlock and 16 brass buttons richer when the deal for what would become Granville and Tolland was made in 1686. Poor gramps burned out before he could even get a hint of the long bitter paths he fostered. Photos, maps… list of early residents and the very first surviving farms assessments of 1818.

2006, Updated 2009 250 Pages Paperback
Non-Fiction All Ages $15.00 Postpaid

The Clarks Of Tolland, Massachusetts From The Mayflower To The High Country

The Clarks Of Tolland, Massachusetts From The Mayflower To The High Country

They were a strange bunch, but we guess you knew that. The writer became the senior family member in town after hundreds of years of leadership and farming and making many babies. Although the early colonial Clarks moved around a bit, it was Ernest and Sarah's branch who stayed and had a very large 20th century family. This family, mostly boys, overan Tolland and then spread out over the land since leaving the writer Clark alone on the hilltop to tell the story. Actually it is mostly factual, who, what, where and when and some things you may have never known. The juicy stuff will have to come later.

2009 145 Pages, Charts, Photos Paperback
Non-Fiction All Ages $15.00 Postpaid

The Last Days Of Wbzy

The Last Days Of Wbzy

Clark describes pre-FM commercial radio in the late 1950s through 1980 as being th e last great era of AM radio. The song "Video Killed the Radio Star" was right on. Never one to join the crowd, the substance abuse that killed many of the radio jocks of that era has thus far avoided the squeaky clean Yankee private recording and radio rooms of the Washington DC voice of "The All Night Pajama Party" and relegated him to "Who?". But it had to start somewhere and as they say, you never forget the first time. In this case, Torrington, CT

2005, 165 Pages, Paperback
Non-Fiction, All Ages $10.00 Postpaid

Stories From Under The Tree

Stories From Under The Tree

A collection of stories about Tolland on two cds recorded in 1992. Ten or so "lovely" yarns not repeated in public since the inhabitants of the old General Store split their sides over them when the stories were fresh. Little pictures had big ears though, analog ears . Years later Clark himself became a fixture under the old spruce tree at the family homestead telling and retelling these stories until he decided to record them. With his reel to reel capturing the birds and bees and the winds of Tolland in the background, 20th century names like Orville Moore, Truman Rogers and Richard Hardy and Wilbur Munn come to life. Best when listened to on a sleepless night, because… well, you will find out… Operation of heavy machinery not recommended when listening to these CDs.

1993 CD 2 Disks Spoken Word Joseph Clark
Non-Fiction, All Ages, CD 80 Min. $10.00

Tolland, the High Country

Tolland, the High Country

So its been driving you nuts who came up with 'The High Country" as a motto for Tolland? A construction company, general store, real estate firm, a horse farm, all in Tolland later latched onto Clarks 1978 idea to try to match "Notice Otis". Clark's bumper stickers, tee shirts, and other "High Country" paraphernalia followed and are collectors items today, because they sure were not then. This first booklet was actually a magical mystery tour of sorts around Tollands roads in what was a different world from today. Where have all the flowers gone? Photo page.

Vol. 1.,49 pages, soft cover, photos.

Black Choppers Over Tolland

Banned! Black Choppers Over Tolland

Several times in the last 25 years, they dropped out of the sky and onto the welcoming great fields of Clarks ancestral land. The choppers flew in and out invited to land on his private golf course and fly away leaving their combat teams to play…
Real war ended that… But the rush of the rotor wash, the pounding of the jet engines, praying soldiers held onto their ankles and kissed their butts goodbye, as the great choppers of Burt Hill beat their wings into the sky was foundly recorded. Who was it that later said "It was better than sex and you didn't have to apologize afterward?...." Done in analog, how God meant it to be… (WARNING: contains simulated combat, and scenes of make believe violence, GUNS GUNS, and other things that disturb women, making it all worthwhile…)

1995 Long Restricted Footage
Non-Fiction, All Ages DVD 60 Min.
Narrated $25.00


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